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Marketing Management

                                                 Assessment 1 Information Sheet

Unit Name:Marketing Management

Unit Code: SHRO37-6

Assignment Brief
Submission instructions

Assignment should be submitted on the designated date by 12 noon Oman time (8.59am UK time).
Pages should be numbered. Headings and sub-headings must be provided
Your full name, ID,

unit title and code number must be clearly marked on the assignment top sheet.

Coursework must be handed in by the date and time specified.  Late work is not accepted, and will be deemed a fail and graded G(0) (no work submitted). 

Core Learning Outcome

The completion of this assignment requires you to demonstrate the ability to:
  • Analyze the strategic role of marketing using contemporary perspective(s), evaluated against relevant research literature
Threshold Standards

  • Using appropriate marketing literature, establish a critically determined role of marketing and the issues arising to support marketing activity in organizations.
  • Distinguish between the pragmatic marketing operations and theoretical concepts to establish a contemporary view of marketing activity in an organization.
In addition to the above, you are expected to

  • Prepare and use IT to aid efficient searching, evaluation and selection of information, exploring alternative lines of enquiry where appropriate. Present information effectively, including evidence/examples to support your arguments and conclusions.
  • Identify and critically assess in a comprehensive fashion the current strengths and weaknesses of the journal article. Evaluate and synthesise information from different sources, theories and principles, and communicate relevant information effectively, and with accuracy.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the relevance of the journal article to current marketing practices in the business world.

Format for submission

The word limit is2,000 (Maximum). This excludes Cover Page and Bibliography
All work should be word processed using either Times New Roman or Ariel font, with line spacing of 1½ and justified.
A Reference list/bibliography must be attached at the end of your work.
A minimum of 2 refereed journal articles should be used to evaluate the journal article.
Not more than 50% of references may be from the internet.

Assignment Detail

Assignment :Evaluating a Journal Article
In this first assignment, you have to prepare a 2,000word critical analysis of a given article from a peer-reviewed journal. You need to critically evaluate the article from a theoretical perspective and consider the practical implications using examples based on the Omani market. In order to provide more focus and direction, three key areas have been identified for you to discuss. Two of these areas would require you touse examples from the Omani market.You need to use two other related journal articles(selected by yourself), to support your evaluation of the article.
Article Title:“Identifying the Preferences and Brand Choices of Female Customers for Cars: A Study Conducted In Muscat Region, of Sultanate of Oman” by Swaroop Simha, in  International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), India Online ISSN: 23197064,  Volume 2 Issue 9, September 2013
The Abstract of the article: 

The purpose of this study is to review and understand the decision making influences faced by female segment in choosing and purchasing specific Brands of Cars in the Muscat region of the Sultanate of Oman. The paper reports an empirical analysis by classifying female segments into cohorts based on the decision making characteristics which provides qualitative insights of the female car owner driver segment residing in Oman. The Car Manufacturers will benefit from the data collected, especially in helping to build good customer relationships with the segment and in determining factors impacting on the profitability.

The Task:
·         Using the abstract as the basis for your analysis, critically discuss the methodology, analysis and findings of the article
·         Examine the findings and conclusion of the article, and consider their applicability to the Omani Motor Car Market
·         Draw some conclusions from your analysis and put forward recommendations for the future for Motor Car Companies in the Omani market

Please, note the following:

·         You must use at least two other journal articles for your discussion
·         Your arguments must be balanced and supported by marketing literature on consumer behaviour, relationship marketing, branding and market segmentation
·         You must demonstrate and apply your marketing knowledge
·         Your references must reflect a balance between academic and internet sources

Details of marking criteria are as follows:

Structure for your Assignment

While marking your assignment we will be looking for evidence for how well you have addressed the question/issues. The following part explains the structure and key points you should consider in preparing your assignment. 

1.  Introduction: A brief introduction and summary of the article.
Interpreting the task–your summary should be clear and should ideally lead to the key issues
      identified for discussion.

2. Addressing the Key Areas: The main body of your work where these key issuesare addressed. (This part may have a few sections / sub-sections). The key criteria here include:
a. Research – evidence of systematic research approach, depth of research undertaken; application of some conceptual (theoretical / empirical) framework(s), etc.
b. Analysis – well focussed, depth and clarity of argument, organising/summarising key and relevant issues stemming from the journal article, identifying two other journal articles and integrating the discussion. Your understanding will be demonstrated by your ability to provide relevant examples based on the Omani market.
c. Scholarly practice – a proper referencing within the report (citations), employing appropriate International Business vocabulary, etc., the quality of the Reference section. (Harvard style of referencing).

3.Conclusion: A clear, concise, and relevant conclusion (and recommendations where appropriate) to the discussion.Your conclusion should contain a summary of the key points that have emerged from the discussion,a consideration of the implications and where further investigation may be appropriate.

4. Presentation: Neat layout, and headings / sub-headings where appropriate. Clarity of expression (appropriate language, grammar, spelling, etc.). Length of the discussion should be2,000 (maximum) without including the cover page and reference/bibliography section. Word-count at the end of the essay. No attachments / appendices allowed.

Please note that the above does not necessarily provide you with the headings / subheadings to be used in your work. While generic headings such as ‘Introduction’, ‘Conclusion’, and ‘Recommendations’ would be appropriate and could be used in your paper, other headings / subheadings would emerge from the issues you are discussing. Headings / subheadings give a logical, sequential, and meaningful structure for your work.

Specific Guidance on the Content of your Assignment:

Prepare a 2,000 word critical analysis of a given article from a peer-reviewed journal. You need to critically evaluate the article from a theoretical perspective and consider the practical implications for the Omani market. In order to provide more focus and direction, the key areas have been identified for you to discuss using examples from the Omani market. You need to use at least two other related journal articles(selected by yourself) to support you in the task.(Please, take note of the highlighted phrases)

The rationale behind this assignment:
This assignment is designed to assess your ability to identify and critically evaluate, in a comprehensive fashion the strengths and weaknesses of the given journal article. To do so, you are expected to
·         evaluate and synthesis information  especially from the given article  plus other selected  journal articles,
·         demonstrate an awareness of the relevance of the journal articles to current marketing practices in the real world,
·         use and apply relevant concepts in marketing, and communicate relevant information effectively, with accuracy.

Please, note that, at the MBA level, you are expected to use other sources of information for your assignment. I specified the use of at least two journal articles to ensure that you use other journal articles in your evaluation of the given article.
In terms of presentation, it will be useful to breakdown your discussion into sub-headings or paragraphs. Your sub-headings or paragraphs will not be based on each article, but will be according to the thread of your arguments.

Given the aforementioned, your structure should look like this:

·         Section 1: Introduction – this section should be brief and should indicate to the reader how you are going to approach the assignment (approximately  150words).
·         Section 2: An overview or summary of the article   this section should briefly discuss the article, whilst highlighting the key marketing issues stemming from the article. For example, some of these issues could be Consumer Behaviour, Relationship Marketing, Branding and Market Segmentation.(Approx. 300 words)
·       Section 3: An evaluation of the article using other articles -this is the main body of your work and you will be expected, in this section, to demonstrate your knowledge in the subject matter, and your ability to identify and use relevant sources of information effectively. Your evaluation should include at least two other related journal articles, chosen by yourself. Your choice of the other articles to use in your evaluation should be dependent on how well these articles will help you put forward a balanced critique of the article.(Approx. 850 words)
·       Section 4: An application of your evaluation to the Omani market.  In this section, you have to demonstrate your ability to relate your arguments in section 3 to the Omani market. My preference for  the Omani market is based on the fact that your second assignment is on the Omani market. This way, you will be already familiar with some of the key issues, such as, consumer behavior,branding, and segmentation relating to this market. (Approx. 500)
·       Section 5:Conclusion and/or recommendation(s). Your conclusion and recommendations should stem from your main deductions from your evaluation. Usually, most of your recommendations would emanate from your viewpoints on the main contentions of the article. (Approx. 200words)

Format for Submission:

·         The word limit is 2,000words  (excluding your bibliography)
·         Your work must be word-processed using either times new roman or Ariel font
·         A reference list (bibliography) must be attached at the end of your work
·         A minimum of 2 refereed journal articles(selected by yourself) is required
·         Not more than 50% of references may be from the internet.

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